Growing Green

For Future

Innovating & Enduring

It’s been said that sustainability is the capacity to endure. At Grimmway Farms, we strive to implement sustainable practices socially, environmentally, and economically. We’ve got a big responsibility resting on our shoulders, being stewards of some of the most productive farmland in the country, and we’re not going to be sitting around, “watching the grass grow.” Instead, we keep improving and learning about new ways of being more efficient, especially in the areas of conserving water, energy, and our precious natural resources. We hate waste, and here are a few things we are doing about it:

Energy Efficiency and Green Waste Initiative.

  • Our most underappreciated resource? The sun. Our solar power farm works wonders, providing us with much of the energy needed at our production facilities. We owe you a big thanks for chillin’ up there in the sky and sharing your energy with us – thank you, sun!
  • It’s a work in progress, but we are continuously improving energy efficiency in all aspects of our farming – from fuel and lights to tractors and machinery, the list goes on and grows every year. It’s out with the old and in with the more efficient.

Recognition of our commitment to efficiency and sustainability:

  • 2011 PG&E Clean and Green Award
  • 2012 Kern Green Energy Efficiency and Conservation Award
  • What a waste all that waste is! As farmers, we deal with solid waste, hazardous waste, washing waste, air emissions waste, and energy waste that we have to keep in check and work to improve on. So what is there to do? Well, we recycle and recycle and also find new ways to recycle! We put in a lot of effort to achieve our Zero Waste goals – an extensive, ongoing, and evolving process.
  • Our farmland is a beautiful blessing, and we intend to keep it that way by giving nutrients and minerals back through crop rotation. When we give, the land gives back lush, healthy fruits and vegetables. It’s a win-win folks.
  • Water . . . the most abundant resource on the planet, yet it is the most precious and limiting factor in farming. Especially in California, water must be used wisely and efficiently, and we are continually researching and developing efficient methods of irrigation. For example, by utilizing our high-efficient sprinkler systems, we are able to control exactly where our water goes and irrigate with very little wasted water.