Certified Organic

From the Soil
to the Bottle

The Organic Way

We owe our success to understanding the soil and crop ecosystems. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to dirt, bugs, and weeds, and by following natural growing practices, we’re able to produce healthy, nutrient-rich, and delicious organic vegetables and fruit. We consider ourselves stewards, trusted caretakers of the land, and we employ a myriad of practices designed to build up the quality of our soil. We employ these practices consistently, season by season, year in and year out.

The Dirt

Most people don’t give dirt a second thought, but we have a different opinion. Our soil works hard every day, giving our fruits and vegetables the nutrients and minerals they need to thrive. We provide the land with non-synthetic, all-natural, organic fertilizers and minerals. Rather than growing the same crop season after season, we rotate through a variety of different beneficial crops, restoring and building the soil’s nutrient balance. Come on, in today’s hectic environment, we can all use a little balance ... even the ground! Needless to say, we care for our farmland.

The Bugs

We do our best to keep soil healthy and functioning the way it was meant to be. Unfortunately, we have to deal with pesky bugs that enjoy munching on our produce; oh joy! Well, instead of using toxic insecticides, we attract, befriend, and utilize beneficial bugs to help us get rid of harmful bugs. It’s a real bug eat bug world out there, and we’re rooting for the good bugs to win.

The Weeds

Weeds are the organic farmer’s biggest problem. Synthetic herbicides are cheap and easy, but who wants that in our juice? Not us. So we pull weeds by hand, use heat flaming and cover crops, then say a little prayer and hope for the best. It’s a long, complex, and sometimes uncertain process, but we think it’s worth it. It’s our mission to put our best efforts into our finest juices – the organic way.